League Info

Looking to start your own league, or join a league at YNOT GOLF?

We accommodate to both private and public leagues!

Private League Format

  • 8 golfer’s minimum
  • 6 week’s of play minimum
  • $15 per golfer
  • NO BYOB Fee
  • Select your own format and course selection
  • 9 Holes played weekly
  • Deposit Required (Amount will be determined after length of league is established)

YNOT GOLF Flex League

Our flex leagues are open to the public, anyone can join. With our flex league’s you have one week to complete your weekly round. (Ex. We tee off on a Wednesday, you have until the following Wednesday to record your score for that week. All league members must put down a $75 deposit. The deposit will cover the payments for Week 6 through Week 10. Player’s will then pay their $15 weekly league fee starting on Week 1 up until Week 5 and then Week 6 through Week 10 will be covered by deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. The league format consists of:

  • 9 Holes played weekly
  • 4 foot gimmie range
  • Ladies’ tee off from red tee’s
  • Men tee off from the white tee’s
  • Stroke Play
  • $15 per golfer
  • NO BYOB Fee
  • 10 weeks of play
  • Golfers are allowed substitutions or make up’s
  • Golfer’s have 1 week to complete each round
  • Deposit Required
  • A prize pool will be established once a number of golfer’s is finalized
  • Callaway Handicap scoring system