4 Simulators

It’s always sunny at YNOT GOLF! Stop by and experience the best golf simulators that Pittsburgh has to offer! If you play on our machines consistently we can lower your handicap! By providing you with a shot by shot analysis, we help our clients understand the science behind their game in order for them to improve.

We just updated our simulator software and graphics to give our golfers a better experience! You will now be able to create your own personalized account to log into whenever you come to visit. Your account will record every session and play to give you a more personalized feel.

YNOT GOLF uses only state-of-the-art golf simulators, ensuring our customers have an enjoyable golfing experience each and every time they play. Here is a list of some features our golf simulators have:


• Powered by e6 software, the number one golf simulator software in the industry.
• Most prestigious course library available on the market with 85 name-brand recognizable courses to choose from
• 36 modes of play, scoring styles and different types of games such as scramble, skins, match play, Nassau, stroke, Wolf, and more
• Up to 8 players on one simulator
• Customizable play on each course
• Closest to the Pin and Long Drive Contests

Our state of the art practice arena provides many more options and a substantial amount of feedback giving the player a precise practice session:
-Set your target
-Set your distance
-Shot by shot anaylsis helps the player identify strengths and weakness


E6 Golf’s new Intergrated Swing Analysis informs the player of at-a-glance essential date related to your swing such as:
-Club Path
-Club Face
-Launch Angle
-Ball and Club Speed
-Smash Factor